A holistic approach

Health & growth

Taking care of different types of plants can be an ordeal to take on by yourself, having various types of flowers and shrubs with unique needs of their own can be a very frustrating juggling act, especially if they don’t grow as you expect.

At Brownies Tree, we specialize in plant healthcare. This a holistic concept that landscape plants and lawns be selected and installed to maximize both their utility and ornamental qualities and maintained in a sustainable way for good health and appearance.

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Pest Management

When you hire Brownies Tree, you guarantee peace of mind. We have a reputation for hard work and excellence when it comes to taking care of your landscape and making sure it looks as beautiful as you envisioned it.

We take care of the weekly watering for your lawn and plants, making sure they receive the appropriate levels consistently to maximize their growth and appeal. We also suppress pests before they become a problem, rather than act after they start to damage your landscape.